New Bookbinding Tools

New Pricking jig

We decided to update our popular pricking jig stand to include new holes in the base.

The holes were added as a result of customer feedback. The holes make it easier to push the awl through the paper/ card etc. Our pricking jig has holes 15mm apart, the holes in the bottom of the stand are the same pitch so they all line up. 

We hope you like the update and we are always looking for ways to improve our products. You are the best judge of what would be an improvement so post a comment and let us know what you would like to see in future designs.

Close up of hole punching cradle
Ash bookbinding awl

Brand new Awl

We have teamed up with a local woodturner to produce these awls.

Each one is hand turned from Ash on a woodturning lathe. The awl is completed by adding a brass ferrule from Sheffield. The blade is made from a metal called silver steel which is often used to make tools. We grind it to a point, heat treat it to make it hard then gently reheat it to give it a blue colour. 

The blade is perfectly sized to fit our pricking jig; a hand made quality tool.


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