New Coptic Jig

Acrylic Coptic Jig for bookbinding

New Coptic Jig

We have designed this jig to help mark out the hole positions for Coptic and Japanese binding styles.

The jig is made from clear acrylic pierced with holes and printed with a centreline as well as A4 / A5 guides.

Simple to use

Being made from clear acrylic it is very easy to line up on your project. The holes are 10mm apart with each line staggered which means you can position your binding hole at 5mm intervals.

close up view of Coptic jig in use
Bookbinding awl in use with Coptic jig

Perfect for use with our new awl

The holes in this jig are 3mm diameter so our new awl fits neatly through.

This jig is extremely useful to those wishing to explore Coptic binding.


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