New Website


After running our current site for four years, we decided it was time to update it.

We have removed a lot of the clutter and products that no longer reflect our business.

It has taken around four months to complete this upgrade; we have added a simpler navigation system. 

This new section on blog posts is one we have been added. In this section we will announce new products and any changes to what we can offer. If you subscribe to our newsletter we will inform you of any new products there too. Don’t worry we will not deluge you with unwanted emails, it’s not our style.

We hope you like the new look and there are a couple of new products we have added to our bookbinding tools. More of these will be in the next post.

Thanks for your continued support. Please feel free to post a comment and also let us know if there are any new bookbinding or craft items you would like us to make. We have a good list of new things in the pipeline but there is always room for more.

Best wishes


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