Retro Phone Stand & Updated Pricking Jig

New retro style phone holder

We have been busy designing a retro style phone holder. Made to look like a funky TV. the design features a coloured surround and a black facia with a pair of printed control knobs. The stand is available in a range of funky colours.

Behind the sound grill there is a cavity designed to amplify the audio ( sound box). The sound can easily pass through the grill and is directed to the viewer in front.

An ideal gift for someone who likes to watch media on their phone. 

N.B. Mobile phone shown is the iPhone12 & is not included

Several customers contacted us asking if we could include an end stop into our bookbinding pricking jig.

Well here it is. We have already shipped a few of these to new customers and have had no problems or issues. Made from the same wood as the legs it fits neatly at one end. Fix with two screws through the sides; finger tight appears to be sufficient. 

The end stop can slide so making it easy to perfectly line up your holes with the edge of the signature ( book pages). Once in the right place simply tighten the screws and you are good to go.

Hole punching cradle & jig with end stop & awl
End stop parts

We have not forgotten our existing customers who might want an end stop. 

The end stop is available as a spare part for a very reasonable cost. There is also a downloadable pdf for you to simply print out (A4) and follow the instructions to drill the two mounting holes.

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